Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ambassador Chris Stevens killed in Libya

First of its a great tragedy when a life is lost. Condolences to the ambassador's family.
The events that occurred recently though tragic are all wheels within a wheel. What i mean is they are all events within bigger events in larger prophetic events.See Ezekiel's wheels in the vision of Ezekiel.
Bible prophecy if we can put aside preconceive ideas at the door of investigation is plainly spelt out. But like parables The honest, those who desire to know more about God and walk in His favour will search as for hidden treasures the things that are to come shown in figures and symbols. Bible reveals much,but not for news sake or for telling the future,but for preparation of the soul. Preparation for salvation and the coming of the King. Christ Himself.

There will be more blood the bible shows violence increasing to a startling degree where the hearts of men will melt it is coming and it hasten greatly coming  Zephaniah 1:14,15,16,17,18.

Islam fulfilling its Role in Prophecy

The children of the East ,the sons of Ishmael as shown in times past on this blog will do their appointed work as described in Revelation chapter 9 and chapters 11 and Revelation chapters 9 Verse 11.. We are now witnessing an empowered Islamic mindset from the Arab spring emerging.Note Abbadon and Apollyon (Rev 9:11) means Destruction or Destroyer. Couple this with the prophecy pronounced by the Bible in   Genesis 16:10,11,12.. Which Shows the Sons of  Ishmael, the Children of the East by Nature is a "wild man" .His hands will be against every man and every man's hand will be against him.  In other words, Islam will bring the whole world together against them. 
Revelation chapter 9 shows
1. Revelation 9: 2 They block out the Sun ,Bible shows the Christ is the Sun of Righteousness Malachi 4:2.
2. Revelation  9: 2 They affect the Air , Bible shows the Air or the Wind is likened unto the Spirit of God.John 3:8.
3. The Sun and Air is darkened. what's left in the Heavens is only Moon and Star. That's the Symbol of Islam
4. They are like Locust. Revelation 9:3 Are many and destructive
Psalm 105:34.
5. Horses prepare unto battle Revelation 9:7 .Fearless great army.

6. Hair like women.The Saracens Army from the Pit= Abussos( ABYSS) =Arabian Desert had long hair in Turbans wound up like Crowns upon their heads . The Bible gives no colourful symbols for any people or person as it does for Islam. The whole study could be found in the link below entitled Islam in Bible prophecy.

It was propose before on this very site that the Arab Spring will and has empowered this people.  Very soon we will witness unleashed on this earth as far as Bible shows a time of trouble such as never was as proven in Daniel 12:1, among the strife that will be on the earth is violence and destruction from warfare. The children of the East will be one of the major proponent and participator in these final wars,the whole world will come against THEM Gen16:12. All these events will come upon the earth before the coming of the Lord and before international laws are pass against all threatening( fundamental religion). Religion will be brought under one umbrella ,this of course will be the one of the bases beside buying and selling (financial crisis) for the Issuing of a Sunday Law first in America then through out the world. Another factor that will bring all Religions together and hasten the passing of the Law the mark of the Beast (Sunday Worship the Beast of Revelation 13, 17 mark) will be the calamity by land and sea. We see these events coming upon the earth as we speak. Earthquakes, fires, floods, Desease (Pestilence) of every kind  has and will increase with intensity and frequency.

 A more detail study of Islam the 1st 2nd and 3rd Woe could be be found here Islam in Bible prophecy.
God never leaves the inhabitants of this earth with prior warning. We are living in the great day of the Lord where certain events has begun to transpire .Sept 11,2001 was a marker in time for all Christians to take note and look up. It is also warning to all showing what is coming upon the earth with rapidity.

The falling of the towers( Isaiah 30:25),the financial Crisis James 5 are all great events that mark the closing time of Human probation. 
Its good time to give  your life wholly to Christ.what is coming upon the earth  who would be able to stand ? is the question. We can only stand with the Character of Christ and out sins forgiven.


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