Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bible text in my dreams

I hardly dream ,at least i cant remember 99% of them anyway.
I never take my dreams seriously .I am not claiming to be a Ellen White, a Joseph ,or any such messengers.
How ever i found it strange yet significant to my own spiritual experience that am dreaming Bible text these past 3 days and i remember them clearly because they keep resounding in my head until i get of my bed.

It is true that my head have been in the Bible for the past year more than ever in my life ,but with all the scripture i come across i never dream of them.I dont even have dreams relating to biblical stuff,and any dream that i have are few anyway.

Today i dreamt just after light sabbath lunch in deep sleep Mathew 23:36.
Now i thought that's very specific.Suppose it says now go do likewise.That is frightening if in the previous verses some thing was said like " and he killed himself with the sword ".

So i said nothing to my wife and i waited till the coast was clear to go check it out. :-)
The Bible on my phone does not show that this was in red,but from the tone and the authority in the text i knew it was Jesus giving stern rebuke about something in which he ended off with Mathew 23:36 which reads:

36 Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation.

Now when I saw this I knew all that went before verse 36 was significant.
So I read the whole chapter.

The whole chapter of Mathew 23 contains some stern rebuke to leaders, pastors, prominent people who claim to lead followers to Christ. The reward of such awesome responsibility when if we are misguiding and misrepresenting God is terrible. Read all of Mathew 23 and see what am talking about.

The other text i dreamt i think last night is this Isaiah56, all of it.
I may have posted it in the this other blog .

Now Isaiah 56 is has some promises of blessings to those who keep the sabbath (7th day) even from the lowest to the highest ,hence Eunuchs are use signifying status and race. Eunuchs were desexed slaves,mostly of Ethiopian origins .The sabbath was not only for Jews alone as many think.

Stern rebukes in verses 10,11,12 call leaders leading there members astray "Dumb Dogs,Greedy dogs"( i guest that goes for churches where blessings are received based on monies) and where money and where wealth is emphasize with righteousness.
What strike me the most in this chapter because i already keep the sabbath and all that is in
verse 1
Isaiah56: 1 reads:
1 Thus saith the LORD, Keep ye judgment, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my righteousness to be revealed.

Christ is soon to come, salvation is near, and his righteousness to be revealed.It is a vindication to all scoffers who have said "since i was a little i have heard of His coming where is Christ ?

This stands out in my mind the most.

I am no dreamer ,certainly no prophet yet . But i have decided to post these two text that came in my deep sleep so vividly for members in my church and strangers to the word of God. If he seeks to call me like Samuel. I would gladly say Yes Lord "for thy servant heareth".

from royalblood dreaming bible text lately.


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