Monday, June 29, 2009

Swine Flu vaccine coming soon to third world countries ( The wise saw it coming from day one)

Two weeks ago I posted information concerning what I thought was unnecessary talk of the H1N1 swine flue.
I perceived ( see here ) at that time WHO would move towards vaccination of all countries.I made these assumptions based on the theses anti theses methods of the UN, Illuminati and the Vatican .The understanding is simple create a problem , set a propaganda machine on it to spread the news rapidly,then suggest a solution which of course is a policy they wanted to implement in the first place.
And so people beguiled (fooled) will applaud thinking that a solution is found. God alone knows what would be in those vaccines,only time would tell .
Already in my country the health authority are ready to receive mass vaccination programs.. From what am seeing so far the prediction was correct .
Will you take the vaccine ? Here is the news bellow.

Health Minister makes disclosure at doctors' conference

MEDICAL TALK: Health Minister Jerry Narace, centre, speaks yesterday to secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association Marla Persad as he left the medical conference at Crowne Plaza, Port of Spain. At right is president of the Medical Association Dr Solaiman Juman. -Photo: CURTIS CHASE

HEALTH Minister Jerry Narace announced yesterday that pharmaceutical companies have offered to supply a vaccine for the dreaded Influenza A/H1N1 virus for all citizens by October.

Narace did not offer any further details about the offer while speaking with reporters at the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association's (TTMA) 15th Medical Research Conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Port of Spain yesterday.

"The Ministry of Health has been approached by more than one company offering the possibility of an immunisation vaccine of Influenza A/H1N1 for all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago by October 2009. In the interim we will continue to monitor and ramp up activities as required," he said.

This country is set to host 53 heads of State between November 27-29 for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which will also attract scores of delegates and journalists from around the world.

Prime Minister Patrick Manning has also extended an invitation to several Latin American business groups, who were here for the Fifth Summit of the Americas in April, in an effort to develop wider markets. The Government has invested millions to upgrade major infrastructure and other facilities for both summits.

On June 19, however, Narace announced that his Ministry had advised the Ministry of Sport to postpone the July inaugural Caribbean Games, hosted by this country. Sports Minister Gary Hunt said then that there was no other available date on the sporting callender to accommodate the games and as a result had to be cancelled.

The sudden cancellation of the games placed clouds of uncertainty over the hosting of Commonwealth summit and next year's Carnival celebrations.

Questioned on the offer made by the pharmaceutical companies, Narace was hesitant to divulge any more information but insisted that "the Ministry will continue to evaluate, look at all the information, to work closely with PAHO (Pan American Health Organisation) and WHO (World Health Organisation) and as we take decisions, we will bring it to the attention of the national community".

Statistics released by the ministry last Friday indicated that 54 people have been confirmed for the influenza A/ H1N1 virus thus far.

However, in terms of this possible vaccine being able to effect change and prevention of this virus, Narace could only say "I am not in a position to speak to that, so I can't at this time".

President of the TTMA, Dr Solaiman Juman, told the Express yesterday that chances of actually having a vaccine by that time was "very slim because the influenza A/H1N1 virus was still mutating", so he wanted to believe that Narace made the statement about being approached in the general sense.

"I can't say if and when it will be ready, but the possibility of a pharmaceutical company developing one does exist because places like the (United) States and Europe is temperate, and people over there are always in need of a vaccine. I mean when the winter comes around, the elderly and children are always rushing to get their flu shot, so there is no doubt about that," he said.

On the other hand, during Narace's presentation at the conference, he said people must remember that while we sometimes sit easy in the fact that there is possible a cure for all illnesses, our health is ultimately in our own hands.

"With regards to the A H1N1 the Ministry of Health's epidemiology and surveillance systems have been tracking the entry of this virus to our shores consistent with best practices in WHO, PAHO and the rest of the world," he said.

Source :Trinidad Express


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