Friday, September 11, 2009

911.It takes much to Humble an empire. It takes God

One event struck fear in the hearts of Americans. That fear spread in the heart of the world as they looked on in horror. Borrowing a quote from Time magazine's article in memory of Sept 11,2001 it reads . "Terror works like a musical composition, so many instruments, all in tune, playing perfectly together to create their desired effect. Sorrow and horror, and fear."

Let me make this point one time The devil seeks all the prerogatives of Christ and he wants to be like the most High Isaiah 14:14 .

There for he orchestrates just like God orchestrate events ,all in unison. Ezekiel saw a well orchestrated events leading to the final crisis too .. He explains it differently "a wheel in a wheel " all working in unison Ezekiel 10:10 . But God orchestrate events to a different end.
All to point man to His coming ,all to show us the way to the truth,to come back to Him as it was in Eden.

The story in Daniel 5 shows a king Belshazzar full of pride of his accomplishments,puff up by the wealth of his kingdom. Was killed,cut off because his pride denied him the opportunity to see The true God the creator.

If you follow the story you would see that the kingdom went to the Medes who were at the time of the decoding of the writing on the wall "MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN" were making their way under in the now dam river gates. This this move still hails as one of the most ingenuous military move ever.

But note before i get sidetrack with other potent points that it was the pride of a king, the pride of a nation who leave no cuddos for the God of the universe.. Little did they realize that the affairs of nations are guided,directed by God Himself (am not a Muslim and am not talking about the Allah god . I am talking about The creator God (1Corinthians 8:5).. This is the same God who allow Babylon to take His people into captivity.Why? Because of their sins (Ezekiel 26),(Leviticus 26:18,21,24,28)

God is a God that allows judgment to fall so that his people the ones who are willing to search self will come out from their wicked ways and serve Him.
Proper reading of the Bible will show you this concept clearly..

So America with all its wealth an prosperity was hit with the reality "maybe we are not right with God on September 11.2001. The glorious land and Daniel 11:41 dubs it came to some understanding on that day that we are not in control of our destiny,we are not in control at all especially if we dont hook up with the one true God.
Thus from September 12th onwards with waning degrees (because of course man is by nature forgetful) The people of America and by extension because the people of the world (this was indeed a world wide event) suddenly became aware of their mortality.
When we smell the stench,see the events of death and destruction before our eyes we suddenly are reminded of the existence,or we deny that their is a God. This of course depends on belief or whether we were spared or was a victim of the tragedy.Nevertheless God becomes a factor in our life. For many prayers were lifted ,many churches were filled.It was not even Christmas or Easter but people were pouring their petitions out all over the world.

This was a turning point in many arenas. The world change from then on.The worlds media made no secret of this fact as the headlines blasted around the world suggest this..
The didnt know it but in hindsight a certain group ,some call a sec and even many label as a cult,
has books on our shelves outlining line by line the sequence of events that will take place starting with the fall of the towers. see Testimonies to the church Vol 9, incidentally this the first chapter "The Final Crisis " starts on page 11.... this book written in the the 1900s ..Shows the events that took off from Sept 11,2001

Was this prophetic ? Indeed it was because this group,this sect , these insignificant bunch, Who keep the commandment of God and have the testimony of God Revelation 12:17.

What is the testimony of God ? Let the Bible answer 2Peter 1:21,Revelation 1:9 ,Revelation 19:10. the remnant is a church that keeps the commandments,all of the 10.

This excludes all Sunday worshiping church. For even the Vatican says that all churches worshiping on Sunday need not delude themselves. For we the catholic church made the change,and its a testament to our ecclesiastical authority.

So all sabbath keeping churches are then included but the bible goes on to be more specific .they must have the testimony of Jesus Christ and Rev 1:9 says that this is the Spirit of Prophecy.

This sect was started and it will end on prophecy..

So back to the question , Have America and the world learn from September 11, Who or what is our god. Is it the financial strong hold ,is it the military might,is it money in the bank ? No we have not learn anything at all . The world still hold money and the love of pleasure as their god.
Just take a walk a look at the night life..In any country for that matter..Heroism became the God. Nationalism became the God. Believing in freedom and liberty became the god.

The one true God never did really become our God after Sept 11.. The very God who can provide all of the above mention still stands eager waiting on the world to allow him to be our God.
But events will come face us again that will have us once more take a long hard look at our mortality. We will then be set to make a decisions again this time it will be life and death for all.

The question is asked ?
1 Kings 18:21 And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. Is the world any humbler since the events of 911, do we seek God ? Seek God today before the winds of strife is let loose. Seek the creator God who is coming for those who worship Him in spirit and truth. The Holy Spirit who can do nothing else but reveal the truth. Including the 10 commandments. including the 4th to keep the sabbath Day Holy. Not Sunday as many are deceive to think,but Saturday as God had ordained it from Eden. royalblood


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