Monday, September 14, 2009

Daniel 12:1 The time of Trouble past mirrors time of trouble to come. History will repeat the French Revolution (worldwide)

Part 1
Details of the French Revolution provides some key to what the great time of trouble could be like.. it is a mirror image of what is to come. Events leading up to the French Revolution are identical to that of the time of trouble such as never was Daniel 12:1 . All the ingredients are there just like that bloodiest period of earth's history. Every human being need to take note because this one is for sure ,The Bible does not make mistakes.
The unjust systems that are being implemented at this time will drive the world to another rain of Terror. Anger is building now as we speak.The same anger that was building just before the rain of Terror in France in 1700
This history will repeat to the letter, we must learn from it .For it is coming again .The cry for justice is building and the powers that be are preparing for the backlash at least this time. It is time we make our souls right with God. For this time of trouble must come .The Holy Bible says it will in Daniel 12:1. What will spark it off we don't know.
Would Islam? Would a financial crisis? Would natural disaster ? Would all of the above ? It does not matter what sets it off . What matter is that we are sealed in Christ before probation closes. The earth is stirred with a spirit of war the signs are here. Be ready for the final crisis.See the ingredients that set if off in detail in the videos below.


part3 The royal enjoy luxury while the middle and lower class cannot even by bread. Does this sound familiar. Brace your self as we are reliving the very events just before The French Revolts. This time it will be world more potent ! Why ? IT will be world wide and note men were not on drugs then.
The political crises ripens. Riots break out,looting worsens.The people realizes their own power politically and the seeds of revolutions are being born first in the hearts of men.

Part 4
After being armed with the idea of Revolution,The poor and downtrodden now arm with muskets,swords and any tool than can take life.The vow is maid" there would be blood".The beheading begin first with the Governor who holds the fortress of ammunition and a standard is set for punishment by death. Note the military is first attacked.In our time America is prepare for this.Equal rights and justice is demanded by the people. The world is constructing a police force to deal with this anticipated event. It will be brutal.

Even the poor women take up arms and take the fight to the royal gate of king and queen.When fear for ones personal safety takes a back seat for the fight for liberty ,We have riots ,then bloodshed.King and queen now become prisoner in their own kingdom.The power is now with the people.France will now have democracy ,the people now taste their own power and they are addicted at the first glass.The Guillotine now has work to do.Words now become the weapon.The most powerful musket.The phrase "THE PEOPLE".

Louis is stripped of Kingly title and the new republic is born.The birth of a new republic begins with the death of a king with the new death instrument call the national razor( the guillotine). Now Revolution runs into war with Austria. Internal and external crisis is ripe. The great slaughter begins,blood flows like water in France. Pay attention to the ingredients for anarchy. Man does not change, History always repeat.

part 7
France Republic born in blood. Evil will be suspicious of evil.And those who kill with sword shall be killed by the sword.

Part 8
Royalty is tried for treason.The queen of France is sentenced to death after being ridiculed.When one would think France has had enough blood ,the bloodshed has just begun.Marshal law is put in placed. And take note Remnant people of God .All considered traitors are marked men.The constitution is suspended and any one against the national assembly was sent to the national razor(guillotine).The Rain of Terror begins.The Jacobin's policy and power is formalized.Communism is born. Dechristanisation is first on the agenda. Note my fellow people this will repeat with absolute striking similarity.Only this time the true commandment keeping people of God will be the target this time around. Religion is the enemy.Only this time Rome is not on the receiving end,but commandment keeping people would be at the mercy of Rome. Take note of one of the socialist /communist one world order ideologies " virtue without terror is powerless at 4:55 into this video.

Part 9
Evil devours itself all the time.

part 10
The time of terror escalates to the time of great terror ,It gets worse. Evil is suspicious of everyone including itself.
The executioner and the razor is overworked just before it comes to a halt. And the sound of the guillotine falling increase with frequency.
And now Revelation 11 now comes into being. The goddess of Reason takes the place of the the two witnesses (the Bible Old and New Testaments). But our God never sleeps. The instrument of Evil ,a man ,the author of the terror is silenced.
Am sure satan cannot wait for the day. But even evil destroys it self.

My friends The appeal. Submit to God today ,Ask for forgiveness and Ask God to help you live the victorious life now. Accept the seal of God and not the mark of the beast.

Source : Royalblood


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