Friday, August 6, 2010

The prayer of an American worth noting here at the end of the world

Prayer for a California Judge

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A prayer for America in weird times when judges try to play God and abuse their power for judicial activism.

Heavenly Father,

we come before you once again in the name of Jesus asking that you would bless judge Vaugn Walker of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals with a proper knowledge of thy will and commands. Lord, we are grieved over the abominable sin his activist ruling is promoting. He ruled that Proposition 8 - which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman in California – is unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution.

We want to humbly confess the sin of this nation as it drifts farther from God and its laws and society are become increasingly depraved and die in their sin for a lack of knowledge of God. Lord, we grieve that people are turning away from thee and despise the truth of thy Word while rejoicing in iniquity.

Dear God, would you give us leaders that will have a shepherd’s heart and fear you. Will you give us God-fearing leaders that have experienced a know-so salvation and delight in meditating on the precepts of thy Word? Lord, hear our cry for America and the precious souls. So many are deveived with liberal lies, materialism and wicked appetites promoted through godless media. Lord, would you intervene in California for righteousness sake and help that leaders in all branches of government will do that which is pleasing in Thy sight.

Dear Lord, bring Americans back to the old country church. Lord, I grieve that many of the small rural churches are being closed and church members are dying out. Lord, I grieve at the sight of deteriorating, deserted houses of worship in so many places. Lord, America was strong when people flocked to an old country church and read the Bible on the front porch of their simple homes. Now America is destroying itself with immorality promoted by mega corporations and the total commericalization of every aspect of life. Lord, bring conviction upon us. Lord, trouble the consciences of those who are satisfied with their sin and help them to consider the latter end. Help people in California understand that they should not abuse constitutional liberty as an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another (Gal. 5:13). Let them not misuse their liberty as a cloak of covetousness (1. Pe. 2:16), but let them rather serve God with gladness of heart (Deut. 28:47).

Lord, I pray and desire that judge Vaughn Walker would repent of his sin and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Lord, I am concerned about the condition of his soul. Lord, would you convict him in his heart and smite his conscience, in order that he might renounce his ruling of 08/05/2010 and reinstate the Proposition 8. Lord, guide his heart to apologize to the people of California since he rendered the will of the people null and void and robbed the voter of his voice. Lord, bless the people with Biblically-dervied wisdom for life and esp. for marriage and family. Lord, help that people come to understand your design of man and your blessed commands for our lives. Bless them with wisdom and understanding about the fact that you created them as male and female and that man and women compliment each other in the covenant of marriage. Let them not depart from the way of truth and not get lured into deviant patterns of life. Lord, help people to remain faithful to the precepts and commands of Thy inspired Word.

We ask it all in Jesus’ name and for Christ’s sake. Amen.


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