Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And He shall be a wild man.Genesis 16:12

By Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
August 17, 2010 -- Updated 1015 GMT (1815 HKT)

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- At least 48 people were killed and scores were wounded Tuesday morning when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden vest in central Baghdad as men were queuing up outside an Iraqi army recruitment center, the interior ministry said.

The attack took place in the Bab al-Moudham commercial area. It comes amid the country's political crisis and the U.S. troop drawdown ahead of President Barack Obama's August 31 deadline for ending all combat operations.

At least 129 people were wounded in the blast.

The Iraqi government has been pushing to increase security ahead of the drawdown, which would leave a residual U.S. force of 50,000 troops focused on stability operations as well as advising and assisting Iraqi security forces.

Recruitment centers have come under attack in recent months, and many Iraqis have blamed a recent wave of violence on the current political paralysis -- in which quarreling parties have failed to form a government nearly six months after parliamentary elections.

Extremist groups, such as al Qaeda in Iraq, are known to take advantage of political fissures to carry out more attacks to create further turmoil.

The political crisis worsened on Monday when former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's al-Iraqiya party announced that it was suspending talks with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's coalition in response to comments he made in a television interview.

Maysoon al-Damalouji, a spokeswoman for al-Iraqiya, told CNN the group decided to suspend negotiations after al-Maliki described Allawi's candidate list as a "Sunni list" in an interview aired Monday by the U.S.-funded network Alhurra.

Al-Damalouji said they were demanding an apology to the supporters of al-Iraqiya. Allawi, a secular Shiite, heads the cross-sectarian al-Iraqiya list, which won the largest number of seats in the March 7 national elections. Al-Iraqiya garnered most of the Sunni Arab vote.

The four top blocs are involved in weeks-long negotiations to try to build a coalition with enough seats to form a government.

A fragile mega-Shiite coalition was formed in May between al-Maliki's State of Law and the Iranian-backed Iranian National Alliance, which includes the followers of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, but the coalition collapsed this month after the INA rejected al-Maliki's nomination for a second term.

Allawi and Maliki both claim the right to lead the next government. The two blocs have been holding talks.

To form a government, a 163-seat majority of 325 seats in parliament is needed. Allawi's bloc had a narrow victory with 91 seats, while al-Maliki won 89.

Western and Iraqi officials, including Allawi, have said Iraq's next government must be inclusive and representative, or violence could result.

Sunnis largely boycotted the 2005 elections, leading to the emergence of a Shiite-led government. The move left the once-ruling minority disaffected and that contributed to the a bloody insurgency and sectarian warfare that gripped Iraq for years.

Royalblood: The Bible says :in Genese 16:12 it says
12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Wild man translate wild Arabian Donkey..a fearless Arabian Ass or Horse.
Islam is fearless,it is bold ,its hand is against every man and every man's hand is against Islam.
Islam does dwell in the presence of all his brethren .Islam is world wide.

The 1843 and 1844 prophetic chart shows Islam and its action in prophetic history ..click here to prove it..
these angry horse are represented as woes. These 3 woes mention in the Bible are Labelled the 3 great Jihad by Islam Beginning with.
  1. WOE 1--> The Saracen Armies of Arabia lead by Muhammad then Abu Bekr
  2. WOE 2--> The splintered tribes of OttmanTurks lead by Othman
  3. WOE 3--> And finally the Radical Islam by under Alquadia -Bin Laden.
Note woes 1,2,3 are the last three trumpets of the 7 trumpets in Revelation 8 ..See the study here and here. Two interesting facts are as follows :
  1. The woes are only found in Revelation chapter 9 and Revelation chapter 11 now where else.
  2. The description of Islam is summerise in Revelation chapter 9 verse 11 ie Rev 9:11
Revelation 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.
The word Abaddon and Apollyon both mean one thing ..DESTRUCTION.

With all the people claiming to be prophets now and in the not too distant past there is one person i believe was a true prophet although she never made those claims. This is what she wrote in the 1800s

" Angels are holding the four winds, which are represented as an angry horse seeking to break loose and rush over the face of the whole earth, bearing destruction and death in its path.
A terrible conflict is before us. We are nearing the battle of the great day of God Almighty. That which has been held in control is to be let loose."
{ My life today page 308}

Was Islam restrained in the first woe Historically and Biblically Revelation9:1 ? Seems so to me it takes a key to let open a door if someone was inside held in check or restrained.

Was Islam Restrained in the second woe Historically and Biblically Revelation9:14? Seems so to me The world of God says Loose the four angels.

Now hardly any details was given of the 3rd woe you can search it high and low you wont find it.
But God has given us the formulae 1+2=3 This BIBLE principle have been proven and tested. click here.

So we now if a restraining was done in the 1st History of the woes and it was done in the 2nd history of the woes then it will be done again after Islam does its Time of Terror.
Was not Islam restrained after 911 when the coalition forces entered Afghanistan,Iraq and Pakistan.

But now the coalition forces are returning Home. The restraint is being let loose again.
Are we closer to the end ..Yes we are. Its time to study Gods word and to allow the perfection of character before the end time.
The end is not near .It is here!


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