Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Ever increasing Power of Rome

Delicate Diplomacy
Pope Francis held an informal, private meeting and lunch with Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner March 18. The previous day, the pope met with the superior general of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas, but the Vatican released no information about that meeting. "The King James Bible tells us "All the World wondered after the Beast " Not too long from now the world statesmen will call upon the Throne of Rome more than ever before giving the Pope of Rome state power which he lost since 1798. Though the Vatican is still a state its rise to world dominion has been practically dead,but we see a few days after His selection already a Nation is calling upon the Papacy to broker in the heat of antagonistic rhetoric between England and Argentina.

History repeats to the very letter as Richard Bennett writes :
The Papacy Grows Strong via Civil Power 
"From the fourth century through the eighth century, much of the growth of papal power was acquired in trade-offs with kings throughout what had been the old Imperial Roman Empire. To be sure, in these centuries there was evangelism with the true Gospel throughout the area. However, the pagan religion of those still heathen was not so different from the religion of the Pope, which was more easily accepted than the Gospel. Then, too, in the eighth century, when the Pope needed defending against the Saracens and the Lombards, the French kings provided it and presented the Pope with ruling title to the cities they had won. As a reward, in 800 A.D., Pope Leo III famously crowned Charlemagne Emperor and Augustus. Thus began the Holy Roman Empire. It was only after Bishop Claude’s death, as the Gospel and the Bible were removed, that this area fell to the Roman bishop’s authority. Similarly, in our own day, it is only by the watering down of the Gospel and the removal of preaching the whole counsel of God from the Bible, that the Roman Catholic ecumenical movement has been able to infiltrate hitherto sound churches. From there it is not a big step into the new Emergent Church movement; and the Emergent Church is simply a route back to the folds of the Roman Catholic Church. Ever in turmoil over issues of the legal limits of jurisdiction of each sovereign: the Pope on one hand, and the Emperor on the other. These issues could not be solved except throughout the actual course of history. Early in the thirteenth century, as head of the state religion, the Papacy began through its courts of Inquisition mandatory subjection to its unbiblical doctrines enforced by the civil state. This papal killing machine worked tirelessly for six hundred years, standing at least on par with the largest bloodbaths that Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, and other 20th century dictators managed to inflict on humanity. Thus the form of the mystery of iniquity, the state-ordained Roman Catholic Church with its Office of the Papacy, grew in strength and civil power throughout the Dark and Middle Ages. It had amassed to itself wealth, property, and influence through the Inquisition and other cruel, unethical, totally unbiblical means, including murder and wholesale theft."



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