Monday, September 23, 2013

Al shabab,Boko Haram,Al-Qaeda The Bible calls a Wild man

The Bible did declare Islam (the children of the East) would come into sharp focus in the closing moments of earth's history . But coming along with Islam is another threat,The New World Order mentioned in Revelation 17 and Revelation 16.

The Wild man in Bible known as the Children of the east or Islam will fulfill its Biblical role of bring all the nations under the earth  together.See Gen 16:12.

To deal with the Islamic problem all the nations of the earth will unite. For all the nations to Unite there must be some problem worldwide worthy enough get the attention of every democratic government.

Radical Islam has the attention of the whole earth at this time. If there is any country that has not their eyes on Islam then Islam has not yet reach that nation.

The philosophy ,the teachings of Islam is not one of conviction,or conversion by conscience,It is one of conversion by the sword,or now a days called Terror.

The bible shows all this in Rev 9 the Angel, star = Religious leader , his message is not one of righteousness,nor self-sacrificing love but one of radicalisation, its not based on truth but lies, The bible describe its doctrine that is its smoke coming up from the Bottomless pit as covering the sun and the air representative of righteousness and air (wind)= Holy Spirit (John 3:8). In other words Christianity is Eclipse,truth and love, the Gospel is obscure when this deadly doctrine is released upon a people .

What we are witnessing in the East, in Africa,will surely spread to all develop nations. And the world will seek to do what it did in the year 1840,and on 911,the world will seek again to restrain Islam.

Every man's hand will be against the sons of Ishmael the children if the east
while they do the work according to their name in Revelation 9:11 Abaddon and Apollyon which in the Greek and Hebrew means Destroyer). The same locust symbol used in Bible prophecy for Islam is used in the book of Joel chapters 1 and 2.  Before it is as Eden and behind it is as a wilderness in other words the locust leaves nothing standing alive . The Locust symbol that is used to describe Islam is all through revelation chapters 9.

Study all of Revelation 9 concerning Islam, Al shabab, Boco Haram and Al-quaeda. The world will see what we have been trying  to show it for so long that Islam will wage war on all the world and the whole world will unite. The One World Government, The New World order mention in Revelation 16 and 17 will come to life. It is this one world government lead out by the Beast power of Bible prophecy (the Papacy) that will rule the earth.
Study the Trumpets of Revelation to see what is coming upon the earth. Click here to study all of it.


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