Monday, December 22, 2014

Islamic state and their work in the Bible ,the hard evidence

German Author Juergen Todenhoefer visits ISIS controlled Mosul in Iraq and he reports:

 "I think the Islamic State is a lot more dangerous than Western leaders realize," he said. "They believe in what they are fighting for and are preparing the largest religious cleansing campaign the world has ever seen."  


The plans of the Islamic state will surely drive the world to unite to deal with it globally. It is not so much the Islamic state that I am worry about but the Uniting of Nations. Revelation 17 shows the world will Unite in to ten regions under 10 Kings or 10 Political Leadership worldwide  ,a model of this we know has already been envision since the 50's shown here:

I believe,  as is published and shown below in the video for the World to unite their must be a cause and one serious enough to force all governments and nations to adopt such a system. It is Islam that will cause the marriage. The bible says of Ishmael The father of the children of the East which we know as the Arabs,spiritually call the Muslims :
Genesis 16:12 King James Version (KJV) 12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

The original Hebrew world for " wild man" is the wild Oneger or wild donkey which is the ancestor of the present day Arabian Horse.

Ellen White in the book Patriarchs and Prophets page 174 written over 100 years ago what we are witnessing in the world today concerning the children of Ishmael the children of the concubines of Abraham in her book Patriarchs and Prophet .

 Book Patriarchs and Prophets page 174 :
 "Abraham’s early teachings had not been without effect upon Ishmael, but the influence of his wives resulted in establishing idolatry in his family. Separated from his father, and embittered by the strife and contention of a home destitute of the love and fear of God, Ishmael was driven to choose the wild, marauding life of the desert chief, “his hand” “against every man, and every man’s hand against him.” Genesis 16:12. In his latter days he repented of his evil ways and returned to his father’s God, but the stamp of character given to his posterity remained. The powerful nation descended from him were a turbulent, heathen people, who were ever an annoyance and affliction to the descendants of Isaac.

Vice news also gives an idea of the the inside of Islamic state and also confirm Gen 16:12 and the statement made by Ellen White above.

We are indeed at a pivitol moment in Earth's History.
We know from Bible the 3rd and final woe of Revelation 9 is happening as we speak .In the Islamic world this very same history is called the 3rd and final great Jihad.
Bible teaches via prophecy that protestant america will call for a national Sunday Law which will identify and unite all Christians. I personally believe based on the testimony of the Bible that it is the international and national crisis of the terror of Islam that will cause the uniting of protestant America via Sunday Sacredness or a Sunday law.
We note from History past that  Constantine past the first Sunday law.Under the king of  France  in 533AD the Papacy was given the power of  Mother church above all Christians and was made the corrector of heretics All of Christianity was under one umbrella except a few that was call heritics .This decree really took effect in AD538 When the Catholic church, the little horn of Daniel 7, remove the last 3 Arian Pagan Kings which were the Vandals Hurli and Ostrogoths and declared the Pope the Corrector of Heretics.

Should we expect History to repeat ? Yes Because God shows history will repeat in Ecclesiastes 1:9 & Isaiah 46:9,10.We observe from these scriptures  that history of old was laid down for us to know at the end what will come to past.
Is the Papacy gaining  influence in the world today ?
Is the Roman Catholic head brokering for peace among hostile nations?
The Bible says all the world shall wonder after and worship the beast in Revelation 13:3,4

It will be the "hopelessness" of containing Islam that will cause protestants to behave like, form and image Revelation 13:11 (likeness) as the Papacy hence forming a Sunday law Decree in America where the headquarters of all protestant churches reside to rally ,isolate,identify all Christians from Muslims,and it is this decree that will be accepted world wide.
This decree will cause Americans to make of none effect the constitution, religious liberty will be taken away for the purpose of national security. And hence the Papacy's mark which is Sunday sacredness will be enforced by threaten imprisonment then by death first in United States of  America. This is how he enters into the Glorious Land according to Daniel 11:41. The Papacy the beast of Rev 13,represented differently in Revelation 17:1,4,5  as a Harlot a church (Jeremiah 3:1)  riding upon a beast a State with the blood of saints in a cup that made her drunk shows she will persecute fellow Christians if they do not receive her mark which is Sunday sacredness. Those who do not receive her mark,the identifying mark of the beast in the forehead representing reception by conscious decision or in the hand represented by the ability to do work, buy or sell , these who are faithful to not go against the Lords 10 commandments especially that of the 4th which notes the 7th day (Saturday),these will be killed.
Daniel 11:44 shows this also another way, The tidings out of the East which is news of the biblical role of the children of the east ,in detail how the bible shows Islam was raised up By God to be a scourge upon an apostate church, a church in error while faithful  commandment people of God prepare for Christ immediate return ) preached by a few will trouble the Papacy and he will destroy by death many according to Dan 11:44.  But noticed tidings also from the north troubles the Papacy.
The fact that a people on the earth who understands Bible line upon line that prove without a doubt the end is near,that the papacy is indeed the harlot of Revelation 17 and the Beast of Revelation 13 and the coming Enforced Sunday Law ,followed by   Christ (Michael) standing up in Daniel 12:1 will infuriate the Papacy.

Revelation 13 speaks of buying and selling as an instrument to inflict and apply the mark of the Beast ( Revelation 13:16,17.
When someone prevents you from buying and selling it is Economic Sanctions, national and personal sanctions will be levied on all who are not catholic by belief  or by observation of Sunday the first day of the week as the Rest day,  All of this is proven my Bible.

But who kickstarts these events ? It is the Children of the East it is Islam. That which we are witnessing now are the closing scenes of this worlds History then Christ will come. The messages that comes from Revelation 14 via the three angels are the warning upon the earth as to what is about to take place and God calls all professed Christians to Fear Him ie to worship him in spirit and in truth,then the message to come out of Babylon (babel- confusion)  ,come out from under the Papacy and under the banner of the original faith that was given to Apostles  because Babylon has fallen.
Then the 3rd angel  gives his warning if anyone receives the mark of the Beast the distinguishing tattoo (Revelation 16:4) of the harlot church that left her first love Christ,if any man receive this mark which is Sunday Sacredness by belief or becoming or staying a catholic  by conscientious decision which is in the head, or if the non-religious observe the 1st day Sunday as the day of rest and works on Saturday the seventh by breaking the true Sabbath.Those who fall into these two categories after the international crises has come to the front ,after the warning has gone forth by the faithful men after the issues of true commandment keeping becomes internationally relevant,after all these then the plagues will come upon the despisers of Gods mercy & His grace and the rejecters of Biblical truth. Revelation 18 be a reality.

Islam gives the world ,Christians,but more so the faithful commandment people of God the alarm hence it is numbered as the last three of the seven trumpets of Bible prophecy.

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Note woes 1,2,3 are the last three trumpets of the 7 trumpets in Revelation 8 ..See the study here and here. 
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