Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On behalf of the belove people in Trinidad & Tobago ( land name after The Triune God) la Trinity

Dear God,
I want to thank you for having mercy on us,you have shown this by sending your Son to die for our sins;of which He had no part in.
Lord as i try to share your saving grace to people of my country Trinidad and Tobago,sometimes i feel like i am wasting time.And no one reads,listen or even care.
Lord i thank you for revealing through your Word the closing events of Earth's history.
The signs are getting ever so clear to my self and many who are reading,praying and asking for insight.You have made everything so plain in Daniel and Revelation.
We are indeed living in trouble times ,just a look on the TV "a Year in review" a clear picture is painted of a place once call paradise is now land of thieves,murders,whore mongers. Heinous crimes of all genre are perpetuated daily.
Men is this land are more lovers of pleasures more than lovers of the true and Almighty God.
We have gone astray and so have brought upon ourselves destruction the natural consequence of sinful nature.
They are few in this place still faithful, and just like Abraham begged that Sodom be spared the fullness of your justice.These few, this minority beg your mercy on those of the majority.
Lord I give you thanks for spearing many lives , many are unaware of Angels excelling in strength that fly by their vehicles protecting them.Many take for granted that you have thwart many a robbery attempts ,murders,rape,kidnapping,slaying by guns and knives.
Many children are unaware of your holy Sentries that stand guard at bedsides all over this nation. Many are un-thankful. Please do not withhold thy loving care and protection because of our ignorance.
For my family ,I thank you for watching over them ,my wife and two girls.For me I thank you for your saving grace over and aver again .

For the People i fellowship with Lord blessed them lord not so much materially but more so give them pure minds and desire the appetite for a closer walk with you.
Many emails have been sent,many embarrassing replies i have received simply for warning about the soon coming crisis.Lord forgive for these short comings . You have said in your word"My sheep know my voice".
I am not discouraged .
Lord I look forward to your soon coming and I hope my simple little contribution in sharing your love ,your saving grace, your soon return will not fall on deaf ears,Especially those in my Land.
But if just one, just one person come to accept you.
All kudos ,all Glory all honor to You and You alone.



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