Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do you Believe ?

Today I had an interesting conversation with people I love dearly. These are people I consider to be my brother and sisters. They are good people, very nice. They are people you can depend on.
My thoughts on God and the Bible comes across to them as an elaborate fairy tale.
Even the signs of what is to fall upon the earth seems like a pessimistic dooms day plot from a movie to them.

I must admit there are moments that I ask, do all these things I see in the bible the prophecies, the admonitions stories of Gods deliverance ,The flood,Sodom,Jesus the deciples. Are all these things for real.
The times i have question are few.Its not that the Lord has not reveal Himself to me and i doubt that He exist, far from it .But all that is happening in the world currently is so surreal.

I remember watching 911 unfold on television. I felt as time stood still that day. The events that were unfolding were before my eyes were cinematic in nature , i felt i was watching a movie.
As months past after the event i heard the reports of many who looked on that day even those close to ground zero ask the famous question "IS THIS FOR REAL, is this really happening ?".

The answers came back with full force.this is as real as the sun is in the sky.

  • Was if for real when Adam Sinned and God said you must leave the garden of Eden.
  • Was it for real when the site of death was before the eyes of Cane after slaughtering his brother. Remember no murders were ever committed up to that time.It wasn't like us who witness a few murders every day on Television-- At least those of us who still look at movies. By the way take a month of from television, after you return the things shown will strike you differently. they will jar your senses after you have taken some time away.
  • Was it for real when Noah preach for 120 years warning the antediluvian world, then suddenly for the first time rain came from above and water from beneath and flood the earth.
  • Was it for real when the cries of men women and little children permeated the wooden door of the ark and Noah so filled with anguish couldn't even open up because God himself shut it.
  • Is it for real we can still find flammable sulfur balls with some fuel left in them at the the saite of the city of Sodom.
  • Was it for real that when Daniel was shown in vision the coming of the messiah when he would be cut of crucified.Was is not for real that the after that time the message was to go to the Jews. see the whole thing here and understand it plainly from the Bible The final events that are to happen in the world as the truth is being proclaim even unto the end ?
  • Is it for real that Daniel was shown Nebuchadnezzar 's dream and the angel decode the parts of the image to mean Medea Persia, Greece, Rome

Lets say i am fooled. Deluded with the greatest concoction of human inventions to heard men into congregations like "sheeple". Lets say i fall captive to the massive plan of deception from the inception of the human intelligence. Lets say the greatest gamble is before us ..

  • Should I accept The Holy Bible
  • Should I accept the plan of salvation reveal in the Bible.
  • Should I accept that God is coming back for those who listen and heeded to the call to righteousness.
  • Should i accept that this world has a life span and the "cup of iniquity" is close to full and God has his limits to tolerating sin.
  • Should i take this risk, what is there to gain?
  • Should i choose eternal life ?
If i am guessing and unsure about all that I have presented above.
If i were to make a "Gamble" what would I choose..


To choose otherwise would be i logical to me
I prefer to suffer hardship for a season, forgo the pleasures of this life which most leads to no happiness at all than to be out of the favor with the God of the universe. My lord.

But since am not in Doubt. Since that which I cannot see seems more real to me than the things that i see. I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that all that I have stated before including that which pertain to the Bible is Real.
I serve God not with doubts, nor with the guilt of making a gamble.
But i serve God because I know what i was before , what I represented the things I did .
Of my self I could not overcome those things to be who I am today. A man who no longer walks after the things of the flesh ..the power to overcome these things were not in me ..believe me i tried for years. Now that to me beside all that have been proven ,proves to me there is a God. And he is personally working out my salvation.

So to me personally is God real - Yes
Does he cares - Yes
Will he keeps his promise ? the record shows -Yes.

If you want to gamble with your life .Its your life.
But i will not gamble with mine.
I will continue to share Gods' word.
If anyone listens then happy is he.
If not . then know this. love does not force anyone.but my condolences in advance.
I hope that everyone out there reading this come to the knowledge of the TRUTH.

By Gods grace.
oh what I really came here to post was this.For those who believe in God and doubt and sometimes wonder if you believe in a fairy tale click here for some encouragement



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