Friday, April 17, 2009

summit of the Americas .Total lock down in T&T

The Summit of Americas has come to our little twin Island Republic.
As The new president of America set his foot on this soil along Kings and queens of many kingdoms within the Americas the security is at its highest in history.

Areas surrounding the capital are under total lock down. The local media have been reporting how our own people have been disenfranchised by 3 days of meeting .. see the following reports.

Weekend 'curfew' for Piarco, Oropune villagers

"Piarco and Oropune villagers will be involuntarily confined to their homes this weekend after the Summit Secretariat failed to ensure that everyone living in these areas received accreditation to move freely in their communities during the Fifth Summit of the Americas.

In separate telephone interviews residents and business owners many of whom completed their accreditation forms since the middle of March expressed their gross dissatisfaction over the way they have been treated".

source :

No protest march permitted in or around the capital Port of Spain

THE Government has declared that no one will march in Port of Spain, but if you believe in social justice, show up at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in St Augustine tomorrow at 3 p.m. and take part in a very powerful rally, says president of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FITUN), David Abdulah.

"We, however, are of the view that the Prime Minister (Patrick Manning) and others did not want to have a peaceful demonstration for social justice (to begin with)," he insisted.

"FITUN was hosting this march on behalf of the IV People's Summit to allow the people of the hemisphere to say to the heads of government, not to attack them, that we the people want a society that is built on the basis of social justice and equity on polices that are about food sovereignty, about rights of women, about the rights of indigenous people, about the respect for land and natural resources," he said.

Now the Caribbean would receive more attention says the the president of all presidents Barack Obama :

"While T&T welcomes all leaders and delegates, the arrival of new US President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be especially thrilling to many here. Already President Obama is sending the right signals to Latin America and the Caribbean that his administration will take a more attentive view of the independent states of the southern hemisphere. Rather, according to what the US President had been saying, it would be a matter of working with the partners of the US in the south to achieve a collective uplift out of the present international economic recession. Seemingly as an indication of his good intentions, President Obama has made concessions on the eve of his visit to the region to Cuba, now allowing relatives of Cubans living in America unchecked liberty to visit their families on the island and to make remittances as they choose to. Needless to say, although such concessions are mere baby steps towards the ultimate good, as far as Havana is concerned, lifting the 50-year-old economic blockade against Cuba, now in the light of the 21st century realities, is something of a dinosaur lurking about long after the Cold War dissipated two decades ago. But “baby steps” as they may be, President Obama must certainly have meant to cue the leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean into thinking that he is ready for listening and negotiating a new order in the hemisphere."


Just a few comments from royalblood : If the government of this little nation can make such grand preparations for the kings of the world. How is it than so many people in this island living in deplorable conditions. The Trinidad Guardian news paper reads:

Browne: Summit ‘a little bit’ over budget

Mere hours before the start of the Fifth Summit of the Americas today, the Government admitted yesterday that the event is already over budget. Chairman of the inter-ministerial committee of the summit Trade Minister Mariano Browne was questioned about the cost of the event yesterday. He said, “It will always cost us a little bit more...” Browne said T&T did not have the required infrastructure support “so for us to put it on (host it) it would require us to do a bit more.”..He added: “The majority of services we have had to acquire—for the accreditation, reservations, media support services, the cruise ships—that’s where a lot of the money has gone.” Browne said the infrastructure work would not have cost much. Asked if the final cost would exceed the budgeted $500 million, he said: “So far, we have been well within our budget. There are areas in which we have been under but there will be variations and we’ll have to treat with those afterwards. “We will give a full accounting of what was spent.”

Of course they way things run in this country is we never get the true figures till long after the summit is over. Tax payers monies would of already been spent. Note these are the same people who are inconvenienced due to the hosting of the summit which will ratified policies that we the same people have no impute . Now isn't that ironic?

Another thing is this as Last days events unfold on the planet. We wonder what would be the dynamics on how new world order and the sunday law apply to us carribean states. Many of the nations are no longer british rule.

The summit highlights some interesting links. We are part of the OAS Organization of America states Or the Americas . The Caribbean and Latin America are link via trade and are treated by the world powers as one unit. If policies are ratified for the region then the region could be manipulated as one unit . similar to the Asia pacific group ,the European union etc.

All these summits and G20,G8 are held with Economics as the key item on the agendas.Make no mistake economics and control are at the center of the discussions of the Summit despite what you will see in the media as purported as high and noble ideals.

Since the last day events are surrounded and heavily linked to buying and selling.Revelation 13:17 .Since USA The Lamb like beast in Rev would make an image to the beast meaning it will implement Laws etc and cause many to worship the Dragon beast which came up out of the sea and rest on seven mountains (Rome sits on seven hills). The only kingdom with the head of the religious and Civil power is the Vatican the roman church is easily identified.

Are we not in a Economic Crisis at this time .. While all nations suffer economically the Vatican is still the richest kingdom of this world and seems not to be affected one bit.

The world will be controlled base on Economics.We can see our nation is willing to bow down to the visiting Kings of the earth.We see how the people of this nation are pushed aside to accomodate these Kings and the prsident of all presidents. We see our security forces wipped in to action as never befor not even for the 1990 coup attempt.

What is so far fetch in thinking that the world power to come would not manouver our own security to police and persicute the command ment keeping remnant of Revelation.

Extradition laws are in place to take anyone out of this country deemed a treat.

Lets read between the lines as we watch how things are done in the summit and after the summit.



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