Friday, April 24, 2009

Please forgive me

For those who frequent the blog and i know its quite a few;I haven't been posting regularly due to a sought of incubation process am going through at this time.

I have been deep in study of some material that requires a lot of time and attention.
Its of a spiritual nature and in the form of present truth(bible truth for the end times), All visitors would also benefit.
I believe fully and those in advent circles would understand what i mean by saying that the latter rain has began to fall . People all over the world in many different forms ,print,radio, television and even the internet are paying attention to spiritual things. The Bible did predict an explosion of religion and religious activity but many have a form of Godliness and denying the power thereof 2Timothy 3:5

But that's not what am talking about.

There is at present an earnest search for answers world wide,there is a drive for Biblical truth by Christians and nonreligious people.
A surge is taken place, people are aware that we are on the verge of something stupendous. They don't know what it is but it is evident that its coming.
People are questioning pastors and leaders in the churches concerning biblical truth.
People are trying to find out why are we not following Bible principles ,Congregations are asking why traditions are place before the Word.
Earnest seekers are studying line upon line,precept upon precept ,here a little there a little.
They are learning that one saying in the Bible does not annul another. Scriptures are being weigh in the balance .Many ideas past down are being tested and tried and those who here Gods voice are coming to an understanding of Truth.

Am not bashing any religion. The Bible truth is the bible Truth and the evidence is their.
The Bible does not name a religion going to heaven. But it identifies a people Revelation 14:12 The devil is wroth with one group others he may be dissatisfied with but the group is is extremely angry with see Revelation 12:17. If your church does not fit these requirements .You need to ask the relevant questions to your ministers,and please request Bible proof.
Many ministers would soon learn that smooth sermons did not equipt their membership for what is before see Mathew 24:21, Daniel 12:1.
False prophets are on the increase that's for sure, gurus are unlimited,seers are at our disposal every where we turn.While they say peace and safety sudden destruction.

I am heading out to a funeral as soon as i compete this entry . Young man ,tragic death. I discussed scriptures with him while he worked on my car. That was the last oil change I would ever get from him. He is gone now . His destiny sealed. The bible teaches there is no forgiveness in the grave (purgatory is a pagan teaching teaching of the devil to think we still have a chance) . Do you know when you destiny would be sealed?
Advent believers we know judgment starts in the house of God see Ezekiel 9 ..all of it.

Like the days of old when Elisha was on the mount the prophets of Baal cut themselves all day. They brought no effect ; nothing was wrought on their behalf because the serve false gods . It was that day the God of heaven and the earth (that's what the 4th commandment identify) brought down fire that destroy the The alter ,the sacrifice,the water in the trenches . That is the God a the true prophet call down. God prove Himself. Thats the level He stoops ,He didn't have to do it to show himself to us. Unbelief in us creatures and love from and omnipotent God may have been the reasons,make sence to me.

A prophet is a messenger not a future telling person as the world puts it. God may give warning about things to come and they will come through but that's not his main purpose.
He is an instrument some one who turns the heart of a people to The God of the universe.
That is the main purpose of prophets and prophecy.
So Truth will stand .
I will preach ,Teach it and live it till Christ burst the clouds soon .

Anyway this was not meant to be a blog post but more and an apology for my lack of posting.

Please pray for me and my family .You know when you are about the Father's business the devil do attack relentlessly. When i see the attacks i know am doing the right thing, am on the right side of the war that i know for sure.

Pray for me as i speak the Truth And The Truth Alone.



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