Monday, March 8, 2010

A Jihad against Jihad (Fatwa against Terrorism)

Puzzle pieces of end time Prophecy are falling into place. The true Spiritual Muslims,the very same people who are searching for the "People of the Book" that is the true Christians (Those who follow the commandments of Alah (same God of Abraham) are speaking out against Terrorism.
How significant is this ?

1. The "Spiritual Muslims" Islam recognises from the Koran end time prophecies relating to "people of the Book" the true followers of the God (Creator of Universe) who keep the commandment of God. Only one group does this officially. The Seventh Day Adventists.Islam considers all other Christian groups apostates .These are those who have gone on to follow Pagan Customs namely The Roman Church and all of Her off-springs who follow traditons rather than the "BOOK"The Bible. The Muslims know Even better than most The real History of Christians. And by all right they must know for Abraham The father of all Jews in whos lineage Christ the messiah known to them as Isa Al Masi was prophecied to come through.They know this because Abraham had two sons Issac and Ishamael The latter who is the father of the "Children of the East" who are the Spiritual Muslims that we know today. Note on the other side Via Issac Jacob who was named by God Israel is the father of Jews who is the Father of the Spiritual Israel of today(not the nation Isreal) but Spiritual Isreal those who are grafted in through faith and baptism.

2. The Muslims understanding of End time prophecy sees a "People of the Book"preparing the way and waiting with bated breath the return of the Messiah Jesus Christ but get this. The very same people of the Book Seventh Day Adventist Christians are looking also according to prophecy in Revelation a re-emergence of the Children of the east .Daniel 11:44, and according to Rev 16:12. Adventist knows that Tidings out of the east have always trouble kings who hold Gods people in bondage.ON the testimony of two or three witness a thing is established . See this study here if in doubt .

So therefore when we see this video on CNN it establishes the position that the Children of the East,The sons of Ishmael,Islam is falling into place as an entime significant factor in Apocalyptic events . Now when they,the hierarchy of Spiritual Islam takes the position "No to Jihad" then
  1. The radical group is thus clearly identified.
  2. Now isolated from the spiritual Islam clearly the Papacy can now continue the restraining procedures. And now when the Roman church is re-establish on the throne of the world once more .All the infrastructure ,the hardware will be use to eradicate all "fundamentalist Christians "who do not follow after the dictates of "Mother Rome".
  3. Radical Islam will now be Dealt with from the position of the papacy as head of all churches on the planet.
  4. Clearly the positions of both groups within Islam is being made plain throughout Christendom and the world by the Heads of Islam as seen in the video.

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Read: how the leading power in end time prophecy the Dragon the beast and the False prophet will restrain and seek to illuminate radical Islam


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