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Prophetic symbols & Bible meaning ( the Key that unlocks bible prophecy)

List of Prophetic symbols used in the Revelation & Daniel.
The Bible explains itself by decoding these symbols. Click HERE to hear these prinicples actually being used to decifer bible symboles.
The Loving all knowing God has placed in the Bible the story of the endtime which i believe firly we are in at this moment.
Encoded in symbols with a key to unlock the meaning for those who search are searching diligently for truth .
With this information you can unlock on your own who is the Beasts mention Daniel and Revelation.Who is the Antichrist,Where the Antichrist is located.
This information can now lead you to what is the characteristics of the church in Revelation12:17 is. The remnant that is mention in revelation. The pure church that keeps the commandment of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Proverbs 3:5
2 Peter 2:9

(mouse over to reveal the scripture references)

Revelation means, to make plain

Revelation 12:9 Daniel 7:17Revelation 17:15

Animals and their Parts

• Horse = Strength and Power in Battle Job 39:19, Psalms 147:10, Proverbs 21:31
• Dragon = Satan or his agency Isaiah 27:1;30:6, Psalm 74:13-14; Rev. 12:7-9; Ezekiel 29:3; Jeremiah 51:34
• Beast = Kingdom/government/political power Daniel 7:17, 23
• Lamb = Jesus/sacrifice John 1:29; 1 Corinthians 5:7
• Lion = Jesus/Powerful King i.e. Babylon Rev. 5:4-9, Jer. 50:43-44, Dan. 7:4,17,23
• Bear = Destructive Power / Medo Persia Proverbs 28:15, 2 Kings 2:23-24, Daniel 7:5
• Leopard = Greece Daniel 7:6
• Serpent = Satan Revelation 12:9; 20:2
• Tongue = Language / Speech Exodus 4:10
• Wolf = Disguised Enemies Matthew 7:15
• Dove = Holy Spirit Mark 1:10
• Ram = Medo Persia Daniel 8:20
• Goat = Greece Daniel 8:21
• Horn = King or kingdom Daniel 7:24; 8:5, 21, 22; Zechariah 1:18, 19; Revelation 17:12
• Wings = Speed / Protection / Deliverance Deuteronomy 28:49, Matthew 23:37

• White = Purity Revelation 19:8
• Blue = Law Numbers 15:38-41
• Purple = Royalty Mark 15:17, Judges 8:26
• Red/Scarlet = Sin/corruption Isaiah 1:18; Nahum 2:3; Revelation 17:1-4

Metals, Elements, and Natural Objects
• Gold = Pure Character Precious and Rare Isaiah 13:12
• Silver = Pure Words & Understanding Proverbs 2:4, 3:13-14, 10:20, 25:11, Psalms 12:6
• Brass, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver dross = Impure Character Ezekiel 22:20-21
• Water = Holy Spirit / Everlasting Life John 7:39, 4:14, Rev. 22:17, Eph. 5:26
• Waters = Inhabited area/people, nations Revelation 17:15
• Fire = Holy Spirit Luke 3:16
• Tree = Cross; People / Nation Deut. 21:22-23, Psalm 92:12, 37:35,
• Seed = Descendants / Jesus Romans 9:8, Galatians 3:16
• Fruit = Works / Actions Galatians 5:22
• Fig Tree = A Nation that should bear fruit Luke 13:6-9
• Vineyard = Church that should bear fruit Luke 20:9-16
• Field = World Matthew 13:38, John 4:35
• Harvest = End of World Matthew 13:39
• Reapers = Angels Matthew 13:39
• Thorns / Thorny Ground = Cares of this life Mark 4:18-19
• Stars=Angels/messengers = Revelation 1:16, 20; 12:4, 7-9; Job 38:7
• Jordan = death Romans 6:4, Deuteronomy 4:22
• Mountains = Political or religio-political powers Isaiah 2:2, 3; Jeremiah 17:3; 31:23; 51:24, 25; Ezekiel 17:22, 23; Daniel 2:35, 44, 45
• Rock = Jesus/truth 1 Corinthians 10:4; Isaiah 8:13, 14; Romans 9:33; Matthew 7:24
• Sun = Jesus/the gospel Psalm 84:11; Malachi 4:2; Matthew 17:2; John 8:12; 9:5
• Winds=Strife/commotion/"winds of war"Jeremiah 25:31-33; 49:36, 37; 4:11-13; Zechariah 7:14

Miscellaneous Objects
• Lamp = Word of God Psalm 119:105
• Oil = Holy Spirit Zechariah 4:2-6; Revelation 4:5
• Sword = Word of God Ephesians 6:17; Hebrews 4:12
• Bread = Word of God John 6:35, 51, 52, 63
• Wine=blood/covenant/doctrines Luke 5:37
• Honey = happy life Ezekiel 20:6, Deuteronomy 8:8-9
• Clothing = Character Isaiah 64:6, Isaiah 59:6
• Crown = A Glorious Ruler or Rulership Proverbs 16:31, Isaiah 28:5, Isaiah 62:3
• Ring = Authority Genesis 41:42-43, Esther 3:10-11
• Angel = Messenger Daniel 8:16; 9:21; Luke 1:19, 26; Hebrews 1:14
• Babylon = apostasy/confusion/rebellion Gen. 10:8-10; 11:6-9; Rev. 18:2, 3; 17:1-5
• Mark = Sign or seal of approval or disapproval Ezekiel 9:4; Romans 4:11; Revelation 13:17; 14:9-11; 7:2, 3
• Seal = Sign or mark of approval or disapproval Romans 4:11; Revelation 7:2, 3
• White Robes=Victory/righteousness Revelation 19:8; 3:5; 7:14
• Jar / Vessel=Person ,Jeremiah 18:1-4, 2 Corinthians 4:7
• Time = 360 Day Daniel 4:16, 23, 25, 32; 7:25; Daniel 11:13 margin
• Times = 720 Days Daniel 7:25, Revelation 12:6,14, 13:5
• Day = Literal year Ezekiel 4:6; Numbers 14:34
• Trumpet = loud warning of God's approach Exodus 19:16-17, Joshua 6:4-5.
. Ships= Commerce,trade,economics Psalms 107:23,Proverbs 31:14,Isaiah 60:9

Actions, Activities, and Physical States

• Healing = Salvation Luke 5:23-24
• Leprosy / Sickness = Sin Luke 5:23-24
• Famine = Dearth of Truth Amos 8:11

People and Body Parts
• Woman, Pure = True Church Jeremiah 6:2; 2 Corinthians 11:2; Ephesians 5:23-27
• Woman, Corrupt = Apostate church -Ezekiel 16:15-58; 23:2-21; Hos. 2:5; 3:1; Rev. 14:4
• Thief = Suddenness of Jesus' coming 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4; 2 Peter 3:10
• Hand = Deeds / Works / Actions Ecclesiastes 9:10, Isaiah 59:6
• Forehead = Mind Deuteronomy 6:6-8, Romans 7:25; Ezekiel 3:8, 9
• Feet = Your Walk / Direction Genesis 19:2, Psalm 119:105
• Eyes = Spiritual Discernment Matthew 13:10-17, 1 John 2:11
• Skin = Christ's righteousness Exodus 12:5, 1 Peter 1:19, Isaiah 1:4-6
• Harlot = Apostate church/religion Isaiah 1:21-27; Jeremiah 3:1-3; 6-9
• Heads = Major powers/rulers/governments Revelation 17:3, 9, 10

See the triple action in prophecy. A principle throughout the Bible that authenticates The correct view of Bible prophecy

click here to put what you have learnt to the test ,decipher prophetic code now

or click here to identify one of the beast in Revelation easily


  1. dig deeper, there are many more!

    #1 - Number One- Beginning, God
    In the beginning was God, the one true God. Genesis 1:1, The Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost are one. 1John 5:7, There is one God and one holy nation. Ephesians 4:6, I Peter 2:9

    #2 - Number Two- Witness, Division
    In the mouth of two or three witnesses. Matthew 18:16, The Bible is divided into two testaments, the old and new testament.

    #3 - Number Three- Complete
    All God's creation is complete in three:
    Father, Son, Holy Spirit
    Spirit, Soul, and Body
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    #4 - Number Four- Creation
    The four elements, earth, air, fire, water
    The four directions, north, south, east, west
    The four seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter
    The four divisions of the day, Morning, Noon, Evening, Midnight

    #5- Number Five- Grace
    The favor of God's grace
    God informed Paul, His grace was sufficient

    #6- Number Six- Man
    The earth was prepared for man in six days
    Man was created on the sixth day
    The number of man is 666, the best man can do without God

    #7- Number Seven- Spiritual Perfection and Revelation
    The book of Revelations is filled with 7’s:
    The 7 churches, 7 Spirits of God, 7 golden candlesticks
    The 7 stars, 7 lamps, 7 seals, 7 kings
    The 7 eyes, 7 horns, 7 angels
    The 7 trumpets, 7 heads, 7 crowns
    The 7 plagues, 7 gold vials, 7 mountains
    God's Spiritual perfection comes in His revelation of the number 7

    #8- Number Eight- New Beginnings, Resurrection
    Jesus' transfiguration was on the eighth day
    Circumcision was to be on the eighth day
    Eight souls were saved in the flood

    #9- Number Nine- Judgment
    The number nine consists of 3 x 3
    It is the completeness of completeness
    Nine is also one short of coming into God's divine order

    #10- Number Ten- Perfection of Divine Order
    Decade (Ten years) 10, Era (One hundred years) 10 x 10
    Millennium (One thousand years) 10 x 10 x 10
    Noah was the tenth generation
    The Ten Commandments, One tenth = The Tithe
    Ten plagues in Egypt, The ten virgins

    #11- Number Eleven- Disorder, confusion
    After Judas' betrayal, there were only 11 apostles
    Before the Holy Spirit could come on the Day of
    Pentecost, the twelfth apostle had to be appointed

    #12- Number Twelve- Perfection of Government
    The twelve patriarchs, The twelve apostles
    The twelve foundations of the Holy City
    Twelve persons anointed of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

    #13- Number Thirteen- Satan, Rebellion
    All the names of Satan are divisible by thirteen
    Israel rebelled against God thirteen times in the wilderness

  2. A few more...

    -Acacia Tree Beauty

    -Algum Tree Symbol of Christ's humanity

    -Almond Tree Symbol of Christ's resurrection

    -Anchor Safety, security, and hope

    -Angel Messenger/prophet minister

    -Ant Diligence, industry, wisdom
    in preparation

    -Ark Safety, Christ

    -Arms Strength of the body,
    enabler of ministry, power

    -Arrows Affliction judgment of God,
    Attacks of the evil one

    -Ass Patience, endurance,

    -Bear Evil, cunning, cruel men,
    Destructive powers

    -Beast Worldly kingdoms, cruel,
    devouring, wicked men

    -Bees Host of people, stinging,
    yet produces honey

    -Belly Symbol of emotions; Love,
    hate, etc

    -Black Famine, death, affliction,
    and anguish

    -Blindness Ignorance

    -Blood The life of the flesh,
    sacrifice, slaughter, depth

    -Blue Holy Spirit, authority

    -Bowels The inner man, symbol of mercy

    -Brass Symbol of sin, judgment of
    sin, disobedience

    -Brick Symbol of the work of men's
    hands, false worship

    -Brimstone Torment, anguish

    -Bronze Symbol of sin, judgment of
    sin, disobedience

    -Brown Flesh

    -Bull strength, labor, servant hood,
    violent, wicked people

    -Calf Praise, thanksgiving

    -Camel Service, burden bearer

    -Candlesticks Churches, Bodies of believers

    -Cankerworm Destructive power

    -Cat Sneaky undependable

    -Caterpillar Destructive power

    -Cedars Power, majesty, royalty, beauty

    -Chaff Uselessness

    -Chariots Holy hosts

    -Clay Symbol of frailness of the
    human flesh

    -Cock Warning, reminder, early riser

    -Coney A animal that symbolizes
    Wisdom in hiding

    -Copper Symbol of sin, judgment of
    sin, disobedience

    -Crown Victory, reward, power,
    authority, A Glorious Ruler
    or Rulership

    -Cup Divine blessings, curses

    -Darkness Lack of God, confusions,
    Misery, Adversity, Ignorance

    -Day Measurement of time,
    children of light,
    New day of hope
    1 day to man is
    1000 years to God

    -Deaf Lack of regard to divine things

    -Dog Unbelievers, hypocrites,
    heathen, impure person

    -Dove Gentleness, Holy Spirit

    -Door Opening, access, hope, Jesus

    -Down Going away from God,

    -Dragon Satan, demonic/satanic force

    -Drunkenness Filled with the holy spirit,
    filled with many sins

    -Dust Humanity, contempt, human

  3. -Eagle Swiftness, rising above, kings
    of nations, conquering

    -Ear Spiritual hearing, entrance to
    the soul, receptor of faith

    -Earth The land, ground

    -Earth Quakes Calamities, divisions,

    -East The new day, sunrise, God's
    light and glory

    -Egypt Symbol of worldliness,
    bondage, whoredoms

    -Eye Spiritual vision, light of the
    soul, knowledge
    Understandings, the doorway to
    the soul

    -Face of God Divine favor, Divine presence,
    holy anointing

    -Falling Stars the falling of an angel,
    a coming of

    -Fat Abundant, Filled to
    overflowing, Sufficient,
    over done
    Something that’s not held
    within moderation

    -Feet Our walk in God

    -Field Symbol of the world

    -Fig Tree Symbol of Spiritual Israel,
    the church, fruitfulness

    -Fire Judgment, God's purifying and

    -Fish Souls of men

    -Flax Symbol of weakness of man

    -Flies Evil spirit, filth, Satan’s kingdom

    -Forehead Thought, reasoning, memory,
    imagination, seat of the mind
    Beliefs, personal character

    -Forest City, kingdom, a gathering of
    many people together

    -Fox Cunning, evil men

    -Gold Symbol of God, kingship,
    kingdom glory

    -Green Life, growth, Prosperity

    -Grey Dignity, honor, age, half truths

    -Goat Shaggy, sin, sinners,
    wicked people

    -Grasshopper Locust, multitudes,
    small but destructive

    -Hail Divine judgment,
    divine vengeance

    -Hair Symbol of glory, covering

    -Hammer Symbol of the Word of God

    -Hands Tools of ministry, giving,
    protection, support

    -Hare Satan, evil host, uncleanness

    -Hart Deer, gentleness, timidity,

    -Harvest Separation of good from bad,
    division, end of the world,
    A gathering of the crops,
    a gathering of the people

    -Head Thoughts, mind, intelligence,
    symbol of Christ's headship
    Rule or ruler

    -Heal of Foot The power to crush

    -Healing Salvation

    -Heart Center of life,
    seat of emotions, mind

    -Heavens Heavenly bodies,
    the atmosphere, a separated
    spiritual places

    -Hedge Gods protection, kept safe,
    set apart

    -Helmet Protection, The armor of God,

    -Hemlock Wormwood, injustice, symbol of calamity

    -Horn Strength and power

  4. -Horse Power, strength, conquest,
    war, military, might

    -Hunger Spiritual craving

    -Incense Prayers, a speaking with God,
    praise to God

    -Iron Strength, inflexible rule,

    -Jar Vessel, flesh, human body

    -Jerusalem City of God, a holy place,
    filled with sinners
    Needing restoration

    -Key Power to bind and loose,
    to lock and unlock, access,
    Given powers, given authority’s

    -Lamp Symbol of the spirit of man,
    symbol of the Spirit of God
    light of God, one section of a
    lampstand, offspring

    -Lead Weight, heaviness of the heart

    -Legs Support and strength of the body

    -Leprosy Sin and death, physical and or
    spiritual sickness

    -Light God, Joy, prosperity, power,
    might, Spiritual vision, hope
    Knowledge of God’s word

    -Linen Symbol of righteousness/purity,
    does not cause sweat
    Symbol of rest

    -Locust Destructive power of darkness

    -Loins Symbol of strength in action,
    reproductive part of the body

    -Milk Great abundance, prosperity,

    -Mirrors glass, reflection of the Word
    of God in our lives

    -Moon A light reflector/Jesus,
    symbol of judgment
    a sign of coming events,
    second in command

    -Mountain Symbol of kingdoms, a nation,
    a state, People having great
    Powers and authorities

    -Mulberry Tree Symbol of a broken heart

    -Myrtle Tree Symbol of God's blessing

    -Mystery Hidden truths, spiritual
    insight required
    an invitation to seek greater
    truths, a note to the wise

    -Naked exposed, Lack of spiritual
    insight, unguarded
    Lack of spiritual body, lack of
    all things lasting

    -Night Spiritual darkness, wrath,
    judgment, adversity, ignorance

    -North Toward the throne of God/true
    worship, symbol of power and

    -Nose Symbol of breath, Discernment

    -Oak Tree Strength, durability, men of
    rank, men of power

    -Oil Holy Spirit anointing,
    abundance, Joy, fertility

    -Olive Tree Believers, Ministers,
    fruit bearing, Righteous, purity

    -Owl Evil/good spirit depending on
    color, night bird

    -Ox Sacrifice, service

    -Palmerworm Destructive power

    -Palm Tree Symbol of victory in Christ

    -Pelican Lonely person

  5. -Paradise Heavenly kingdom, place of
    rest, place of peace
    Place of Joy, a place to abide
    with Christ temporarily

    -Pine Tree Symbol of fragrance and beauty

    -Pit Trap, despair, a falling,
    a place of danger

    -Pomegranate A tree, Symbol of abundance and

    -Purple Royalty, wealth, prosperity

    -Rain Refreshing, delightful,
    blessings, prosperity, wrath

    -Rainbow Promise of God, consists of
    these colors: violet,
    indigo, blue, green, yellow,
    orange, and red.

    -Ram Male sheep or goat

    -Red Blood, suffering, sacrifice

    -Reins Symbol of the motives of the heart

    -Rock A safe place with Christ,
    Gods security, lack of love
    In need of Christ, unbreakable,
    solid, truth

    -Rod A given Authority, power of
    correction, power

    -Sackcloth Mourning, sorrow, repentance

    -Salt Incorruptible life,
    preservation, and covenant

    -Sand Symbol of multitudinous seed,
    earthly seed of Abraham,
    Unsaved multitudes

    -Scarlet Blood, suffering, sacrifice

    -Sea Restless, vast, multitude,
    a great army

    -Sealed Protected, covered, hidden,
    kept apart, set away from reach

    -Scepter Power, authority, rulership

    -Scorpion Evil spirits, evil men, pain

    -Serpent Satan, evil spirits, evil men

    -Sheep God's people, Christ’s
    followers, lost souls

    -Shepherds Protectors of the sheep,
    protector, defender of Gods
    Teacher, to lead, care for

    -Shield Gods protection, defense, Gods
    word, strength

    -Shittah Tree Beauty

    -Shoulders Seat of God's government,
    eldership, strength

    -Sickle Reaping, the Word of God

    -Silver Redemption, the price of a soul

  6. -Sleep Spiritual resting, lack of
    spiritual, uncompleted
    Death, division in heart,
    awaiting judgment

    -Snail Slow, dependable

    -sores Spiritual injury, damage, harm

    -South Symbol of quietness of the
    earth, refreshment

    -Spider Wisdom

    -Staff A given Authority, power of
    correction, power

    -Star Abraham's heavenly seed, light
    bearer, ruler
    Angel, messenger, ministers of
    the gospel/prophets

    -Stiff-necked Stubbornness, resistance to

    -Stork Loneliness

    -Sun Symbol of life, glory,
    brightness, light, God, ruler

    -Sweat Man's efforts and works

    -Sword Word of God, War, Slaughter,

    -Tabernacle Man's temporal existence,
    man’s body, dwelling place of

    -Tail Last, least, behind, furthest
    back, lack of control

    -Thigh Symbol of equalizing our walk

    -Thirst Spiritual desire, a hunger for
    knowledge and wisdom

    -Thistles Symbol of the curse

    -Thorns Symbol of the curse, troubles,

    -Tree Mankind, bears fruit, numerous
    in kinds

    -Throne Kingdom authority, leader,
    the head
    person of divine royally
    and great power

    -Tin Worthlessness, weakness

    -Time 1 year, or 360 days,
    one millennium/generation

    -Times 2 years, or 720 days,
    two millenniums/generations

    -Turtle Dove Holy Spirit

    -Up Going toward God, going forward

    -Vine Gods children

    -Watchmen Prophet, guide, warn, direct

    -Water Holy Spirit, Everlasting Life, pure

    -Waters Inhabited area, people, nations

    -West Symbol of evening, setting of
    the sun, end of the age

    -Wind Judgment, Gods hand, power,
    authority, might, destruction

    -White Purity, righteousness, holiness

    -Whoredoms Spiritual idolatry,
    false doctrines

    -Wild Ass Mans unregenerate state,
    stubborn, self-willed,
    running wild

    -Wilderness Symbol of dry places without God

    -Willow Tree Symbol of Christ's weeping
    and heartbreak

    -Wine Spiritual blessings, abundance

    -Wings Protection, assistance, safety,
    shelter, kept above

    -Wolf Satan, false teachers,
    furious ungodly, Disguised enemy

    -Wool Symbol of warmth and comfort

    -Worm Instrument of judgment, despised

    -Yoke Servitude, slavery, fellowship,

    -A brother in Christ.. God bless:)

  7. This is a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I hope to read more of your post which is very informative and useful to all the readers. I salute writers like you for doing a great job!

    Bishop bernard jordan

  8. This was very helpful..thanks for posting this..

  9. If you are going to add to, then reference your scripture. It would help to know where to look for those things in the bible as did the first person who commented.

  10. so glad i found this web page

  11. Brilliant! So glad I found this

  12. ***Please people... if you are going to submit the Biblical meaning to a prophetic symbol on Royalbloods blog, please include the verse #!!! Text taken out of context is just pretext, and carries little weight with a Borean (Acts 17:11) :-p

  13. I enjoy all of this everything was lining up to what I was experiencing wow


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